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    History of the Bible - 2nd Print

    The Bible is the greatest book ever written and compiled for humankind. It is the Word of God, given to man, to navigate life according to its precepts and His instructions. 

    The Bible was penned by more than 40 contributing authors over a period of more than 1,500 years. Its pages are filled with history, poetry, wisdom and prophecy. Within its depths and vaults of knowledge, the purpose and meaning of life is revealed. The Bible has changed the world, forever.  

    John Bornschein has developed this companion piece, “History of the Bible," to expand your understanding of the origins of the Bible, its history, and how it was canonized. This book will deepen your faith to trust that God has given us His written Word. It is complete and every word is true. This compilation is the result of years of research featuring content from some of the most studied theologians and historians. With 41,947 words, 12 chapters, 200 pages and over 75 images and illustrations, this resource will thoroughly equip you with an in-depth study of how the modern Bible came to be.

    Original Publication Date: March 25, 2023
    Book Size: 6" x 9"
    Pages: 200


    Edits and revisions to the first-print edition of History of the Bible are currently underway. The second-print release is estimated to be in December 2023. A second-print edition of History of the Bible will cost approximately $30 per book and all proceeds will go to Calvary Fellowship Fountain Valley church. Additional shipping charges would also apply.

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Elizabeth L Lebron

Elizabeth L Lebron