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It is time to set aside the superficial. It is time to go deeper. It is time to Engage in Truth.

Join Pastor John Bornschein every week on Saturday (1:30 p.m. - Roundtable Format) and Sunday (9:00 a.m. - Expository Teaching) for the Engage in Truth radio program on 100.7 KGFT.

It’s a critical hour. The church is in need of an awakening, and our nation is desperate for spiritual revival. God has provided us with a powerful tool—one that enables us to draw closer to Him, gain wisdom and understanding, and even change the world.

Drawing on a variety of perspectives, together, we will explore the truth of God’s Word—from its basic elements to the obstacles that hold people back. With inspirational stories, real conversations and interviews with leaders on the front lines, we will gain greater insights and establish a firm foundation of faith. It is time to Engage in Truth.

Special guests include Anne Graham Lotz, Joni Eareckson Tada, Rabbi Neal Surasky, David Barton and many others.



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  • Mark Richmond
    commented 2023-10-28 14:00:09 -0600
    No . Anti Israel’s behavior not mentioned7000 Palestinians dead. This is so one sided. Sorry I thought I could. I can’t God bless. I don’t believe what you do. I believe this iteration of Israel is not the one that will go into the land. I believe Israel is now committing terrorist attacks in response to terrorist attacks. I tried. But we are too far apart. Israel has become an idol. Jesus is all I need. I need to be somewhere this is put in its proper perspective. Anyway I tried. Not meant to be.
  • Mark Richmond
    commented 2023-10-14 12:33:23 -0600
    I am sorry. There is much of this that to me is very presumptuous . I am not convinced until I am convinced that the government of Israel is not involved in the allowance of this attack. Too many unanswered questions and a jump to attach all this to prophecy. And I don’t believe that Russia is any more responsible than Ukraine and NATO in that war. I feel Christians are many times forcing prophecy into world events before knowing all the facts. It’s sad I need to say this. In love and I mean that in Christ Jesus.
  • Mark Richmond
    commented 2023-09-23 12:20:16 -0600
    Great insights. For me understanding why children who have no free will on these things is still a conundrum. I have mustard seed faith on this. I have seen and continue to see Gods activity in my life but the idea of free will when it comes to children and what they are so often exposed to in life remains a total mystery to me. Because of my own background and the heartache and pain I have endured (and yes I have played a part as well- but the seeds were planted well before I could have a choice) . I remember a therapist tell me in 1990 (a rather well known Christian one) say that my trek was really unavoidable. That statement and the truth of it made a way for me not to condemn myself as the brew i grew up in led to the unconscious choices I was bound to make.,Only an awareness of the source of this family legacy was I able to get the light I needed. Anyway the only answer that makes any sense is that my awareness of these things has made for a deeper dependence upon Him. But so many others I have known had it so terribly bad that their lives spiraled completely out of control and I knew some very personally who took their own life. I understand the choices for adults but for children brought up in severe abuse I have never been able to reconcile with free will. It is a perpetual thorn in my side. I find the answer for adulthood convincing.For children in the depths of degradation and abuse minus Gods intervention I will never grasp, sorry so long here.
  • Mark Richmond
    commented 2023-09-16 12:10:46 -0600
    Totally right on. I always tell people that if they sense there is evil and don’t trust God on it they are using a theological term to describe a situation that without a God would be meaningless and nonsensical. Dostevesky stated that “without God all is permissible”. In other words who or what determines the good to contrast with evil. Evil is obviously the circumstance that man feels is intolerable and that sense of being intolerable means that there has to be a scenario where things are the WAY things are supposed to be. “Supposed to be”predisposes a Being who has the power to create a perfectly good environment. The reason why a being who made good the paradigm would have evil exist is that an outlaw given free will has intervened in that good environment and because God is good there is a solution.Only Christ could be that answer.—- one last thing. Job struggled with this issue and I always have believed that struggle is something every believing Christian who thinks goes through. So I personally don’t believe that mulling this over and going through some doubt is against Gods will. God says “Let us reason together” seems to me He rather expects that we may struggle with this and in the so doing provide depth to answer a disbelieving world.
  • Melissa Eickhoff
    commented 2023-09-15 23:15:08 -0600
    God doesn’t use scales to measure evil (James ch2)….human beings do weigh sin and use our own scales to hold God accountable which is very wrong in my opinion.

    I believe we put evil on scales to determine what sin deserves. Even our judicial system is broken and cannot be trusted so why do we continue to put ourselves in that kind of authority? The ultimate punishment child traffickers receive, well, that’s not my place to decide. I hate evil and sin especially to our children, but I am also assured that someday there will be no more evil. (Rev ch 21)

    Many of us have already committed murder in our minds and hearts…we are all sinners and not one of us has the right or authority to question God’s actions, He is always working, and doing things we don’t know or see. (Job 38)
  • Mark Richmond
    commented 2023-09-09 12:32:16 -0600
    Excellent. The problem I have is that infants and children being wicked. To me they are made in the image of God.,I was abused and my childhood was stolen. I was kicked and beat with a belt in rage and deep anger. Children need LOVE unconditionally. I don’t believe in corporal punishment as I believe it causes resentment and perpetuates evil. I have seen people whacked and then spread that to their progeny. I believe discipline is guidance. While I don’t believe man is good I know he is made in the image of God. Children behave in ways that are abusive when their legitimate needs are not met. I am much different in my view than the average Christian. Children need mirroring in love and guidance that’s gentle. I will never understand why children who haven’t done a thing to deserve the evil perpetrated upon them receive it. I hear worm theology a form of Calvinism that they are just lucky they aren’t wiped out. If I thought God really was that way I would reject Him. I believe many in the church wanting to discipline children the way many in the church want to do it is a travesty. It’s the macho bologna that many men are taught. My view. I am sure most won’t agree. But worm theology is putrid and if we are mere worms while being made in Gods image what does that say of God.
  • Mark Richmond
    commented 2023-08-27 15:08:23 -0600
    I used to be pro America’s involvement in conflicts. As my son did three tours in Iraq and saw the horrors GWB and Cheney inflicted on innocent people and there were no WMDS I have changed my views. When I think of shock and awe in 2003 and my own celebration of that day I am appalled at myself. I served at the end of the Vietnam era as a navy Corpsman and heard the stories of the Marines and the appalling behavior of US commanders as well as the VC and was mind numbing to hear. As far as Ukraine most people don’t know the history of that area. Without going into long detail the CIA has been active in that region for decades overturned legitimate election – the Maiden uprising and Color revolution. Removing presidents elected BUT elected by Russians as well as Ukrainians. The Donbass and Crimea are predominantly Russian and their rights have been violated for decades . Don’t get my wrong Putin is a monstrous thug but Zelensky is as well. He has shut down churches and demanded that the church be affiliated with the Ukrainian government. Zelensky has disbanded 11 opposition parties as well. Ukraine has historically been a polyglot of nationalities . Does anything justify the killing? No. But NATO has been unwilling to negotiate with Russia brokering a peace and putting the world that much closer to WW3. I love you guys and your programs. This hits home for me as my great great grandpa was a Union general. My grandfather fought against Pancho Villas incursion into US territory and fought in WW1 with general Pershing. My other granddad and an uncle were in Pattons third army . My dad was in the Korean war. My cousin was in the Vietnam war and I was in at the tail end of Vietnam. Oh I forgot an uncle was in WW2 and firebombed Dresden in 1944-45. He required much psychiatric help as he saw old men women and children on fire running the streets. He never really recovered. And my son did three tours in Iraq. I love my country and I used to be very supportive of the wars we engaged in since WW2. The more I have investigated and heard first hand accounts the more I see what Ike warned about in 1961- the rise of the military industrial complex. I wish Americans were more inquisitive on these wars and the people making massive amounts on them. But for me Iraq is the pinnacle of treachery and evil. Saddam was horrid in his own way. But we did nothing for the region other than cause the death of 100’s of thousands of innocents and the physical and mental horrors on our own troops. I will finish with this. My son is not political like me. But on his second tour he came home at the end of 2007. He was angrier than I had ever seen him. This was right near the surge. He told me a couple guys in his area had been killed by IEDs one guy he knew well. The issue was the poor construction of the humvees . He told me the inferiority of the armor in all areas was horrid. I truly believe that GWB should be in Guantanamo . Sorry for the long treatise here . I am passionate over this issue. My personal belief is wars should be defensive and not to spread democracy. I know many people will disagree with me. I respect that. But I don’t come to these views Willy nilly. God bless you for tackling tough tough issues it takes courage. If you disagree with me I understand.,Love you guys no matter.
  • Daniel Moon
    commented 2023-08-26 17:30:05 -0600
    I agree a Christian should always seek loving and peaceful resolutions to conflicts. We should not antagonize others into conflict either…but we cannot shrink from physical violence when it is necessary to protect other human beings I think of Hitler, sex trafficking, drug trafficking, physical abuse… I was a police officer in SoCal for 30 years. I agree with your statement that no officer or soldier wakes up with the intent to harm or kill anyone….I know that none of the men and women I worked with had that on their to-do list! As a believer in Christ, when I began my career, I asked God how I should view the people I would encounter. He told me to remember they are His image bearers and I should talk to and treat them accordingly and if physical contact happend it was their behavior that determined the level of force imposed upon them. I share this to say Christians must stand for the truth of the gospel and part of it is protecting the innocent from harm and abuse…how can we justify not stepping in to prevent harm?
  • Mark Richmond
    commented 2023-08-19 13:32:57 -0600
    I guess my point is based upon my own experience the answer to addictions is grace and more grace. People give a lot of lip service to grace but in their hearts they believe that if it’s all grace license will pervade. But Romans 7 and 8 state grace is the only answer. In my years of experience with addiction and addicts grace is definitely the answer.
  • Mark Richmond
    commented 2023-08-19 13:00:16 -0600
    Good stuff . I agree with all said here. At 12 years old I was introduced to pornography. My household was awful. I was abused. I was constantly under stress and lived in fear. Porn was an escape. What so many people in Christianity don’t realize is it’s an internal Shame based issue with many. Not all. The answer is of course to turn from it. But when you turn from something you must turn to something else. If JESUS isn’t the answer you can repent and do what many addicts do- white knuckle it. That’s why shaming an addict usually causes him or her to an attack of severe toxic shame and then addiction is even more alluring. Relationship that is honest and open and not shame based is the key. I think most Christians know it’s sinful but are attracted to it as an escape from internal pain. It’s why AA worked for alcoholics as it connected them with a source greater than themselves. We as believers know that can only be Jesus. The thing with subjects like this is the problem can become the focus as the law is for many and Romans 7 can and will occur. It’s only the moment by moment relationship with Jesus Christ that can meet that eternal need. Many addicts are seeking eternity. As believers we know where the living water resides. So honesty and vulnerability and connection is all that can overcome this. White knuckling this stuff just doesn’t work. The issue is what’s the addictions motivation. What fuels it? The understanding to that leads to the Solution.
  • Mark Richmond
    commented 2023-08-12 12:40:27 -0600
    Thanks for the program on sexual sin. I am 67 years old and before a believer engaged in sins of the flesh of a sexual nature. The repercussions eternally are obviously true. Yet also true is the temporal hell on earth of these sins. Addiction (I grew up with addicts) leads to a deadness and numbness to the beauty and value in other human beings and turns them into disposable objects. An inward nihilism ensues. The pain and need for greater doses of the substance or behavior turns one into a slave and all the beauty and glory of Gods creation is turned dark and the soul is tarnished and life becomes unbelievably empty. Many take their own lives. Sin isn’t worth it and the penalty even here now is greater than its practitioners know.
  • Sharon Warren
    commented 2017-07-01 10:54:33 -0600
    Thank you for uploading the new podcasts so quickly. I work Sundays and am unable to attend church. Amazingly, I use my spare time to study more and enjoy your explanations of the Bible. I have a clearer understanding of God’s greatness and love for us all. Again, Thank you.
  • Sharon Warren
    commented 2017-06-30 15:22:27 -0600
    I love your program and have been following the study of Revelation. I’m anxious to listen to the latest podcasts. The last available show is dated 6-10-17. When can we get the new shows?
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