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    Revelation Book


    The Book of Revelation is filled with mystery and judgment, tragedy and triumph. It is the revelation of Jesus Christ and the final entry into the canonized text of the Holy Bible. It is the capstone of eighteen prophetic books giving its reader a detailed account of the end of days in preparation for the second coming of the King of kings, the Lion of Judah.

    Revelation is a book that has been called everything from a metaphor to a masterpiece. Because it contains a large amount of symbolism and because of the faulty approaches or methods of interpretation applied to its study, many have a difficult time grasping its meaning. It has become a book which is the object of the widest possible divergence amongst scholars. Yet, when studied alongside Old Testament prophecy, the pages come to life with vivid imagery.

    God promises blessing to the student of this book (Revelation 1:3). In fact, Revelation is a book in which all the great themes, seed plots, lines of doctrine, and Bible prophecy find their fulfillment. It is in this book that the victory of God as the God of history is seen in the culmination of the ages and the establishment of the eternal state.

    In this verse-by-verse expositional analysis of the Book of Revelation, Pastor John Bornschein helps us examine many topical subjects including the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the clues for identifying Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Antichrist, False Prophet, Mark of the Beast, the Rapture, the Millennium, with an in-depth look into the heavenly realm of Angels, Cherubs, Seraphs and the Four Living Creatures. Pastor Bornschein also addresses the increased tensions in the Middle East with a strong thesis for the rising Neo-Ottoman Empire.

    Revelation: Unraveling the Mysteries will thoroughly equip you with biblical and historical insight into some of the most challenging end time prophecies to help you examine the evidence for yourself.

    Publication Date: June 7, 2020
    Book Size: 6" x 9"
    Pages: 710
    Suggested Donation: $29.50
    ISBN: 9781645509387


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    Crystal – please contact me at I would be interested in connecting and will certainly be in prayer for you both. I am so sorry to hear of your loss.

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    This is an amazing church family! If you want to go deeper in the Word then this is the place! From Home Groups, to Seminary Programs, to Social Groups, you have the options to feel equipped and you won’t feel like a number in the process

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    Mike – please pray for my wife.

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    Men, Women, Children and Family

    Men_of_Honor_Final.jpgMEN’S MINISTRY: The Men’s Group, titled, Men of Honor, meets Thursday Mornings at 5:30 a.m. and is led by Pastor John Bornschein. It is time to experience Iron sharpening Iron as men grow together in truth and understanding to become stronger men of faith – husbands, spiritual leaders and change agents in their spheres of influence.

    The group began a new study on Jeremiah. So, don’t miss this life-changing class (look at the upcoming events calendar for details).

    womens_ministry_image.jpgWOMEN’S MINISTRY:The women’s ministry, led by Karen Mallinger, meets throughout the month for various activities. These are exciting gatherings you won’t want to miss. Please join us as we grow and learn of God’s love for women. Look for upcoming gatherings in the weekly bulletin or on the upcoming events calendar. If you would like to participate in the Wednesday Morning Fellowship Groups (9:30 - 11:00 a.m.), you can easily sign-up by contacting the church at 719.382.3711.

    CHILDREN’S MINISTRY: CFFV KIDS (known as SPARK) is a Sunday morning environment for elementary-aged kids (K – 5th grade) that includes an engaging large group gathering for worship and teaching, alongside a more personal small group time with adult leaders. Led by Ellen Lawson and a team of qualified volunteers.

    SENIOR ADULT MINISTRY: Calvary Fellowship Fountain Valley is pleased to have a thriving Over 50 Youth Group. That's right, the Fanner Bees is a ministry for individuals over the age of 50 but that doesn't mean they don't have fun. Rather, this is one of the most vibrant groups in the church. They meet monthly at various restaurants for fellowship and even play putt-putt golf and go bowling together. In addition, they support many of the ministries in town with outreach projects (including Compassion Sunday). If you want to get involved, just contact Ken and Karen Lippincott at 719.651.3018.

    Family.jpgFAMILY MINISTRY: The Family Worship Service is only the beginning to help educate, equip and encourage parents to pass their faith to the next generation. We believe that the primary responsibility to pass the faith to our children lays with parents not the church. This is accomplished through an integrated home-centered, church-supported strategy. Calvary Fellowship offers church based, multi-media, teaching seminars as well as a one-of-a-kind Family Worship Experience that is unique to Colorado Springs. Imagine coming to services and experiencing a full theatrical presentation from Junior and Senior High Students, action packed and Scripturally-based. Then receive a special take-home kit complete with CDs, snacks, meal-time discussion cards and more.

    YOUTH MINISTRY: Flashpoint is the Junior High and High School student ministry of Calvary Fellowship Fountain Valley. It exists to train and equip young adults to become Christ–like leaders, preparing them to make disciples of Jesus locally and abroad.

    At Flashpoint, students are trained and mentored to become God–honoring, Christ–following leaders in life and in ministry. Every student has an opportunity to serve in a Flashpoint ministry area, and potentially take on a leadership role.

    Qualified, accountable and caring adult leaders work with each student as he or she is taken through the IGNITE and FUEL discipleship and training tracks. In these tracks, students experience personal and spiritual growth as they are taken through intense discipleship courses that include bible study, prayer and worship. Students are also prepared as servant leaders and receive hands–on ministry training. Once students demonstrate readiness, they are UNLEASHED to serve in ministry areas. Click here to learn more >>

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