Leadership Team

Snider2.jpgMike and Lisa Snider

Mike and Lisa serve as Marriage and Family Counselors at Calvary Fellowship Fountain Valley. In addition, Mike Snider serves as Chairman of the Board of Elders.

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Alcorn2.jpgSam and Karron Alcorn

Sam and Karron host Home Fellowship groups throughout the week and continue to serve where needed throughout the church. Sam also serves on the Board of Elders at Calvary Fellowship Fountain Valley.

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Fernandez2.jpgBill and Denise Fernandez

Bill and Denise serve on the Hospitality Team and are always eager to assist where and when needed. Bill also serves on the Board of Elders and is part of the Building Team assisting Mike Cole with maintaining the facility.

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Rohlfs2.jpgPerry and Jen Rohlfs

Perry and Jen both serve at Calvary Fellowship Fountain Valley as the Directors of Home Fellowships. They also serve with the Ministry Outreach team and assist as group facilitators of the CFFV Academy. On Saturdays, you can hear Pastor Perry teach at the Brookdale Assisted Living community.

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Cole5.jpgMike and Christan Cole

Mike serves in two key roles at Calvary Fellowship Fountain Valley as both a Facility Manager and Security Manager. Christan serves on the Worship Team and the Events Team as Photographer.

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Joly.jpgJackie Joly

Jackie is the Director of the Vacation Bible School at Calvary Fellowship Fountain Valley. She also leads special events for families.

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Minjarez2.jpgCathy Minjarez

Cathy gives her special care and attention to serving all the little babies in our church family as the Nursery Director. Cathy runs a daycare during the week so leads this area with great care and attention to detail.

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Kimberly Valere

Kimberly serves as the Director of Women's Ministry at Calvary Fellowship Fountain Valley. Kimberly and her husband, Sheldon, are also involved with a number of ministry activities and great points of contact should you have any questions.

Phone: 719-661-8155 / Click here to email >>

Ken_and_Karen_Lippincott.jpgKen and Karen Lippincott

Ken and Karen are multi-talented leaders at Calvary Fellowship Fountain Valley. They lead the Fannerbees, the Over 50 Youth Ministry, and they host Home Fellowship Groups. In addition, Ken is a full-time author and teacher. Pick-up a copy of Ken's book, Freedom's Tree today >>

Phone: 719-651-3018 / Click here to email >>

John_and_Jen_Miller.jpgJohn and Jen Miller

John and Jen serve as the Managers of the Audio and Visual Team. They manage all the audio and video projects at Calvary Fellowship Fountain Valley.

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