Disaster Relief

19-hurricane-harvey.jpegHurricane Harvey has become one of the worst disasters in American history. Here are the numbers as we have them (estimates):

  • 19 Trillion Gallons of Water
  • 13 Million People Displaced
  • 450,000 Disaster Victims (Katrina had 400,000 in 2005)
  • 30,000 People in Shelters
  • 50 Inches of Rain (by the end of the week)
  • 50 Counties with 20 Inches of Rain or more
  • 56,000 Calls to 911
  • 2,200 Water Rescues
  • 130,000 Meals Per Day Being Served by the Red Cross

Convoy_2.jpegWe can feel helpless here in Colorado so we have partnered with Convoy of Hope and they have teams in the area providing food and organizing teams to give resources to those displaced.

Please prayerfully consider making a donation to Convoy of Hope today >>

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