Prayer Bus Mission Trip

On Sunday, January 11, nearly 50 proud citizens of the Fountain Valley community boarded a chartered bus to go on a mission…a mission of prayer. Their objective was to bring hope and the power of intercession to our First Responders and community leaders. Their stops included the fire and police stations with an outdoor finale at City Hall where Councilwoman Thompson was greeted with thanksgiving and gracious support.

Already testimonies have been received by the organizers from those serving on the front lines daily, protecting our community, which should be a reminder to us all of how lives can be positively impacted through a smile and a sincere heart.

Paul Holdier, a member of Calvary Fellowship Fountain Valley church, the group that organized the Prayer Bus said, “with all our first responders have endured as of late, it was a honor to stand with them in prayer and extend our gratitude for all they do, each and every day.”

This prayer bus is one of many about to take place throughout the Fountain Valley. John Bornschein, Senior Pastor of Calvary Fellowship Fountain Valley, stressed that the purpose was to see a positive transformation take place throughout the region. As a man of prayer, he has already organized Prayer Bus events across the nation, most recently on a 23,000 mile, 300-city, 100-day, 37-state tour in a Pray for America wrapped bus to travel community to community, church to church, encouraging all to remain in fervent prayer over our nation.

John Bornschein shared with us that, “the stories of hope and renewal are humbling. We have watched families reunited, fathers crying with their children asking for forgiveness, children coming to know the Lord Jesus as their Savior, addicts falling to the ground in repentance and even church leaders re-energized to continue serving on the front lines. There are few words to encompass or adequately describe the transformation that has occurred. Indeed, every day the wheels have turned under the bus, we have called them miracle miles as the next stop is always filled with opportunity and praise. We have served in soup kitchens, witnessed out in front of courthouses, and mobilized thousands to intercede for our nation and we can’t stop now! Of all my years here at Calvary Fellowship Fountain Valley, this has been one of the most impactful mission efforts we have ever undertaken and it is because of the generous support of our community that we have been able to make a difference in our nation today and for generations to come.”

One thing is for certain, those who made time to pray have expressed repeatedly that they are looking forward, with great excitement and expectation to the next Prayer Bus adventure that is supposed to take to our streets once again on March 15, from 12:00 – 2:00 p.m. To learn more or to get involved, visit

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